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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Stress, alcoholism plague British veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan!

Read this Let's hope the government finally wakes up and admits there's a problem and stops denying it now there's irrefutable proof!

Hat tip-Rogue Gunner

Ok, what problem is it your talking about? The study only suggests that:"An association was found between deployment for more than a year in the past three years and mental health that might be explained by exposure to combat.."

In other words, the longer they were gone from Mum, the more that they drank and screwed around when they got back home, if they MIGHT have been shot at. Also, the size of the sample is not near big enough to mean much of anything. And we do not know how they chose their pool for the survey.

There is nothing new or astounding or even unusual about that.

It's been going on for thouasnds of years with every warrior who made it back to the house after being in strange lands where there was danger and hardship.

I think you might want to read that report, and reconsider...just what problem there is "irrefutable proof" of.

Or not, I really could care less either way. In fact I can't figure out why I even commented on this.

Papa Ray
What planet is this idiot from?
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