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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Shock toll of British injured in Afghan war!

Read this

This says it all:

"700 wounded include a 'handful' of officers who suffered injuries and chose to carry on fighting!"

"400 combat troops were described as being so ill they were forced to 'lay down their bayonets'!"

"27 British soldiers had lost limbs serving in Afghanistan and Iraq during the past 12 months!"

"Military sources said the willingness of soldiers to carry on fighting while suffering was indicative of the bravery being ROUTINELY DISPLAYED!"

"The courage of the soldiers has been remarkable. Many are getting patched up and just want to get on with it. Most do not want to leave their comrades!"

"In terms of soldiering, the conflict has offered some of the most intense fighting for 50 years, with two million rounds of ammunition SO FAR fired by British forces!"

"British troops are paying a higher price on the battlefield than has been made public!"

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