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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Our war-weary Iraq troops could soon be fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan!

Read this No Shit Sherlock!-And NOT a surprise that the "Surrender monkeys" of the German,French and Italian governments have once again shown their true colours and lack of backbone by refusing to honour their commitment to Nato by supplying more troops for the front line!
Are we prepared to stay in Afghanistan for another 30 years,taking heavy casualties and bleeding our military's resources dry,sacrificing our service personnel in great big Bloody batches for a pointless "Forlorn Hope"?-Like Buggery are we!!
This so called "War on terror" is a self feeding inferno!-The more resources we put into it the bigger it gets,every innocent death in both Iraq and Afghanistan just adds fuel to the fire of Islamic fundamentalism and sends more would be "Jihadists" to the terrorist recruiting office!
Anyone with half a brain would have to admit that the justification for the Invasion of Iraq was illegal and an enormous mistake,not to mention a blatant LIE,the consequences of which we will be experiencing for years to come!-Obviously it had nothing to do with the fact that Iraq has the SECOND LARGEST oil reserves in the WORLD and that since the war ended the US has been given 75% of ALL profits from Iraqi oil for the next TEN years!
And the reasons given for the invasion of Afghanistan;to capture Osama bin Laden, destroy al-Qaeda, and remove the Taliban regime which had allegedly provided support and safe harbour to al-Qaeda,were shaky at best and of course NOTHING to do with the VAST oil and gas reserves in Turkmenistan,which the United States had for years had its greedy eye on and been negotiating with the Taliban to allow a pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan and into the Arabian sea and it was only AFTER these negotiations broke down that the Taliban became public enemy number one!
Our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is THE DIRECT cause for the increase in Islamic terrorism in the UK.Before these invasions we'd NEVER had an Islamic terrorist problem in Britain,we'd endured the IRA's bombing campaign for years but the possibility of Islamic suicide bombers threatening our country was remote in the extreme,why should they,we'd done nothing to them?
Well George Bush and his spineless traitor lapdog Toadie Blaire changed all that overnight with the disastrous decisions to attack these countries!-In the case of Iraq it's a complete failure,civil war will reign for years to come,the whole Middle East has been destabilised and Iran has been propelled into the position of the new Arab superpower!-Whatever you thought about Sadaam at least he kept the Iranians in check and the status quo in the Middle East,now that's gone to Bollocks!-We WERE BETTER OFF with Sadaam in power!
As for Afghanistan the Taliban have NOT been defeated and in fact are growing bigger each day,Al-Qaeda are still operating in the country and STILL have training camps there,Osama Bin Laden is STILL at large,hardly ANY Reconstruction projects have begun let alone been completed,the opium trade in Poppys has INCREASED almost 50% and our troops are fighting battles with an intensity not seen since World war 2 with NO end in sight-NOT exactly a success story!!!
Iraq is a lost cause,Gormless Brownose knows it but hasn't got the guts to admit it just yet.He'll happily let more of our servicemen die in vain before we eventually and inevitably withdraw.George Bush CANNOT admit it,because it would mean all their HUGE casualties died for nothing and he was wrong!
Afghanistan is a mess,the commanders on the ground say it's STILL winnable,only just,but only if HUGE resources are committed and we stay for possibly the next THIRTY YEARS!-Thirty years,BILLIONS of pounds wasted and how many more British soldiers dead at the end of it and WHAT gain is there for Britain-Sweet Bugger all!!
This is NOT a commitment Britain should make!-We were NEVER asked to go to war in the first place,Toadie Blaire made that appalling,irresponsible decision off his own back after being told to by his master George Bush,the Problems in Afghanistan are NOT our concern and NEVER were!Our servicemen have been BETRAYED by our WEAK and SPINELESS Government,First by Toadie Blaire and now by Gormless Brownose,and are being forced to fight a pointless war for another country's interests-The USA!
This situation cannot go on and we must pull out of BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan NOW before any more of our armed forces die for the financial and imperial ambitions of a foreign government!

Hear Hear! why is this man not a British MP? we need more like you in the house of commons, clear out the lefties. You stand mate and I will organise your campaign!
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