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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


One in six Eastern European migrants in UK receives benefits!

Read this

"The bill for the handouts, for which the migrants are all LEGALLY ENTITLED, is an estimated £125m!"

"It means that, in only three months, more than 63,000 migrants from the former Eastern Bloc - or 700 EVERY DAY - have turned up!"

"The number of migrants arriving into the country from the new member states has increased by almost 60,000 in the latest quarter alone and now the total is close to 700,000!"

"Once a migrant has been working here for 12 months, they are entitled to the same level of support as any British citizen!"

"Some 68,927 are raking in child benefit (worth £17.45 for the first child and £11.70 for each further youngster), 38,578 are receiving Tax Credits (worth up to £5,200 a year) and 803 are getting homelessness support, including housing!"

"Taxpayers don't want new migrants arriving here and being able to depend on benefits instead of working!"

"The real message from these figures is that the mass inflow of immigrants from East European countries continues at over 500 A DAY!"

"This is placing a huge strain on our infrastructure. For example, ONE MILLION of Gordon Brown's new houses will be needed just for new immigrants!"

Scipio says:Throw the freeloading blood sucking leeches out of the country!!!-This is ALL thanks to Toadie Blaire's "Open door" policy and New LIEbour's FAILURE to control our borders!

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