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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Muslim Cleric Attacked In London Mosque!

Read this It's started-This will only get worse!-I won't cordone this attack but the British Muslim community have brought this on themselves by sheltering Islamic extremists and not reporting them to the authorities and in some cases openly supporting them-WHICH IS TREASON!!!!-The British public will only take so much!-Our left wing,Politically Correct,European Union lapdog joke of a Government are too spineless to protect us so the British public are finally taking the law into their own hands and fighting back!-About time too!!!-TREASON IS TREASON and should be punished by DEATH!!The government is WEAK and INCOMPETENT and has allowed the scum of the world to settle here unmonitored with the inanely incompetent and irresponsible "Open door policy" letting our enemies flood into this country to destroy us from within!-This must end now!-You're either with us or against us,there's no in between!-Our very way of life is being destroyed by this cancer!-Britain is a CHRISTIAN country,we are NOT Muslim or any other fish and chip FOREIGN religion and how dare the bastards think they can dictate to us in our own country!-If I emigrated to Pakistan I wouldn't expect to be allowed to set up a Church of England church in the town center and get public funding so how dare the Bastards expect to get it here?-Who do they think they are and why is the government allowing thew to get away with it?-The answer is we are currently governed by left wing TRAITOR COWARDS who don't give a flying Fuck for our country or our history and want us to become members of a European superstate DICTATORSHIP where we no longer have democracy and Big Brother controls our every thought!-The first stage of that was to flood Britain with foreigners and destroy our way of life and religion!-A huge percentage of the idiots who vote for LIEbour are immigrants or ethnic minorities,because of the red carpet treatment they've been given in this country from everything from council housing to benefits jumping the Que ahead of British born citizens!-The next stage is to bring in a European constitution giving away our freedom of choice and handing it to an unelected FOREIGN government!-Easy for Gordon Browne as non of us elected him in the first place!EVEN THE LAW IS AGAINST US And on their side!-The new Labour law that is making us second class citizens in our own country!-THIS MUST END NOW!-I'm disgusted what is happening in this country,we have been betrayed by our government and the British voice is NOT being heard!-No wonder a few desperate frustrated citizens are fighting back!- I don't agree with violence and I won't support their actions but I can understand where they are coming from.The government needs to take note and change its policy and start LISTENING to the MAJORITY in this country NOT the minority before Enoch Powell's often misquoted prediction comes true and "The streets will run with blood!"

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