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Sunday, August 19, 2007


A land unfit for heroes: the betrayal of Britain's troops!

Read this

"More soldiers' blood has been spilt in Iraq and Afghanistan than any time since the Second World War. Seven soldiers have been killed in Helmand province in the past 10 days!"

"Soldiers are not equipped well enough or paid properly, or housed adequately, or looked after sufficiently well if they are maimed or unhinged by their experiences!"

"Can you imagine what it must be like for a hideously injured soldier to regain consciousness in Selly Oak hospital only to be abused by a Muslim member of the non-military hospital staff?"

"Or to know that our own elected MPs condone attacks on British soldiers in Iraq? George Galloway has praised the insurgents and condemned, perhaps to death, interpreters as "collaborators!"

"Morale is ultimately bred of conviction in what is being done and confidence in those with whom and for whom it is being done!"

"So what should our troops make of politicians extravagantly airing their consciences about the effect of the war on Muslim relations in Britain without mentioning its devastating damage to our own injured soldiers?"

"Soldiers returning from fighting the Taliban with bayonet rifles in northern Helmand province are greeted by embarrassed silence!"

"The bureaucratic response to their cry for recognition is that since they have been PEACEKEEPING there can be NO MEDALS FOR EXCEPTIONAL BRAVERY!"

"Now, they fight for each other. A young Irish Guards officer badly injured by a roadside bomb in Basra the other week was flown back to Selly Oak. All he spoke of was returning to Iraq to be with his men!"

"Soldiers fight for their regiments and die for each other. They need to die for something and we are ambivalent about their wider sacrifice!"

"Seven British soldiers die in 10 days and we say: "Not much news in August!"

Scipio says: A good article telling the REAL truth about what our servicemen are having to put up with,cynically betrayed by an UNCARING,IGNORANT,UNWORTHY Government!

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