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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Gordon Brown attacked over Forces funding!

Read this Why is anyone surprised at Gormless Brownose's indifference to our armed forces?-His ENTIRE cabinet and himself were tree hugging,left wing,CND COMMUNISTS before being elected,they LOATHE our military and ALL it stands for!-As I've said before the words Duty,Honour,Patriotism and Loyalty mean nothing to them!-They're a completely foreign concept to the Politburo who currently infest Parliament!-The more British Soldiers who die now means less to stand up and FIGHT this corrupt government when the time finally comes and the people of Britain take our country back!

The left who hate our country so have always been this way. It was sad to see some ex-CNDer like Blair take us into wars when he clearly had no idea what we were supposed to do or what our strategy was.

It is a disgrace to the country and our servicemen to be led by such people.
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