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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Death in Basra: the British under siege!

Read this

"Attacks against British troops in Basra have now surpassed all previous levels in number, sophistication and intensity!"

"Basra is now a logistical nightmare where even the simplest operation can turn deadly and soldiers frequently have to fight their way home!"

Scipio says:This is NOT "Peace keeping" or even "Peace support" this is open warfare in a country that was NEVER our concern!-Tony Blair and George Bush committed a CRIME by taking Britain into an ILLEGAL war in 2003 purely for their own egos and so that the US could RAPE Iraq's oil reserves!-That blatant act of TREASON is DIRECTLY responsible for lighting the blue touchpaper of Islamic Fundamentalism within the UK and for the rise in "Home grown" suicide bombers!-For Blaire and more recently his UNELECTED successor Gormless Brownose to deny responsibility for the current rise in Islamic lunacy in Britain is akin to Adolf Hitler denying responsibility for the Holocaust!-Our pointless presence in BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan IS the reason for the atrocities of 7/7 and the more recent attack at Glasgow airport!-Our troops are under attack in Iraq EVERY time they go out the gates of their bases and the bases themselves are rocketed and mortared DOZENS of times a day!-This is an unacceptable risk in an already lost war and it MUST end now!-The sooner our troops are withdrawn from both Iraq AND Afghanistan the sooner the streets of Britain will be safer!-The two are DIRECTLY linked and to deny that obvious truth is stupidity in its highest form-BRING OUR TROOPS HOME!

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