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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Army chief predicts a 'generation of conflict'!

Read this A "Generation of Conflict" is he STARK RAVING MAD?-General Dannatt seems to have changed his tune somewhat which makes me think he's been Nobbled by Whitehall!-He was the sole voice of reason within the politicaly correct minefield of "Yes" men who currently infest the MoD however he seems to have suffered a "Sea change" and is now singing from the LIEbour songbook!It would suit Gormless Brownose and his nest of vipers in Parliament to keep our troops fighting and away from the "Home front" for as long as possible,so they can give away our freedom and democracy and impose on us the unwanted DICTATORSHIP of the European Union through stealth and deception before anyone realises what's going on!-If our armed forces attention wasn't focused elsewhere,fighting two bloody wars,I think THEY might have something to say about becoming citizens of the European superstate without first asking their permission or even being consulted!

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