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Monday, August 06, 2007


The agonies that haunt our army heroes!

Read this

"Thirty per cent of soldiers will suffer from traumatic stress or other related problems!"

"There are no provisions at all in the Army for dealing with traumatic stress. These soldiers witness unthinkable horrors and then are expected to return to normal!"

"Not doing anything is dangerous for all the soldiers, as the longer it is left, the worse the symptoms become!"

"Iraq and Afghanistan may have exacerbated the problem of traumatic stress, but soldiers from earlier conflicts still suffer in silence!"

"People forget them, because they don't appear in the casualty figures. They are the forgotten victims!"

Scipio says:Another victim of Whitehall's indifference to the hidden casualties of war!-The MoD can no longer deny the size of this problem.For too long the casualties of PTSD have been betrayed by a cynical and uncaring government.Proper facilities need to be provided and counselling made available for all our service personnel affected.The governments disgraceful behaviour to our "wounded" must be put right.Our armed forces are willing to sacrifice their lives for this country,the debt we owe them is unmeasurable-Providing the best treatment money can buy for its wounded is a drop in the ocean in repaying that debt but one that honour and decency decrees MUST be payed!

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