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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Afghan envoys get a pool as our troops go thirsty!

Read this Bloody typical of the Government's attitude to our armed forces!-This rings of the old dictum "Let them eat cake!" and we know what happened to that particular dictatorship!!-Our soldiers are desperately short of water on the front line and some government lackey in the foreign office has authorized this latest lunacy!-It's NOT good enough,what must our soldiers,who are going thirsty as we speak,must be thinking about this travesty?-Heads should roll for this and a few spring to mind immediately!-We can start with the Foreign secretary and then work our way through the Politburo and end with Gormless Brownose himself!-I'd happily provide the Guillotine and suggest as a backing track "Another one bites the dust"!

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