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Thursday, August 23, 2007


196,000 out, 574,000 in: Record numbers leaving Britain for new life abroad - as immigration to UK soars!

Read this Well what do you expect since the TRAITOR Toadie Blair and his New Liebour "Politburo" government threw Britain's doors open with the inanely irresponsible and GROSSLY incompetent "Open door" policy,bending to directives from the EU DICTATORSHIP,allowing the SCUM of the world to invade our shores and bleed this country dry of all our resources,destroying our national identity,corrupting our traditions and religion and changing the face of Britain beyond ALL recognition!-All WITHOUT our permission or a referendum and any and ALL opposition dismissed immediately on the grounds of "Racism" and "Political Correctness"!!-Our own laws are even against us now,all thanks to the ridiculous "European court of human rights" which as far as I can see has taken away our rights as BRITISH CITIZENS and given them all to foreigners,criminals,rapists and murderers and Illegal immigrants!No wonder any ENGLISHMAN with more than half a brain who can afford it is fleeing this country as quick as they can,I would too if I had the readies!

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