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Thursday, July 12, 2007


MoD responds to MPs' report on the Reserve Forces!

Read this About time too!-The TA and the Reserve has been bled dry for years by cutback after cutback by not only the present government by by the Tories as well,not to mention the damage done to the regular army.The rot set in with the fall of the Soviet Union and Margaret Thatchers ill-conceived "Options for change" policy.Unit after unit was disbanded or merged with no thought for future operations.A large portion of our armoured units were binned,only to be desperately needed a few years later in Gulf 1!-Infantry battalions and regiments were decimated,thousands of experienced junior and senior NCOs put out to pasture,the very backbone of the army that would take years if not decades to get back!-With the British Army stretched to breaking point in Iraq and Afghanistan,and hundreds of regular soldiers PVRing on their return from operations due to not enough down time between deployments,bad pay and appalling conditions back in camp in the UK and the disgraceful married quarters scandal,the army is more and more relying on the reserve forces to fill the gaps,unfortunately the barrel is almost empty!-The situation has to change immediately before irreversible damage is done to our armed forces.The cutbacks have to stop,no more regiments should be disbanded or merged,in fact bring back some of the ones we need so desperately!-It's not as difficult as it sounds-All you need are experienced senior and junior NCOs and a few good company commanders,the MOD could offer short term reenlistment's with one time bulk payments to qualified NCOs and Riflemen to make up the numbers,transfer a few from other battalions and then go on a nation wide recruitment drive to fill the ranks and within a year we could a new infantry battalion.Do that through out the country and within a few months we could have three or four battalions up and running again!It's been done before in WW2 and it works!-I know quite a few really experienced ex-Squaddies who would jump at the chance to play again on a short term enlistment of say Two or three years.That would be enough time for the youngsters to learn experience from the old sweats.Also I feel the government should bring back national service.It would take the burden of the more mundane but essential non front line jobs off the regular army and enable the release of more experienced troops to more needy tasks.It would also teach respect and discipline to our youth,ideals that unfortunately our left wing,tree hugging education system completely fails!-National Service should also be a requirement of any potential immigrant of age to serve.If they want to live here and enjoy all the "Benefits" of our great country then let them pick up a rifle and stand on the line!-Also REAL money needs to be spent on equipment and training.It's a fact and a disgrace that we don't have enough helicopters in service and we haven't for a number of years!-Why can't the British Army be like the US Army with Every Division having its own helicopter support?-Apaches for ground support,Chinooks and Pumas for transport and logistical support and lynx's and Gazelles for reconnaissance?-It makes sense and it SHOULD be happening,the only reason it isn't is cost!-The government needs to wind its neck in and change its attitude to defense now before its too late or very soon we'll all be growing beards,wearing flip flops and attending prayers five times a day in our nearest mosque!

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