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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Collective Identity: Hatred Bred in the Bone

Read this Interesting article adding support to the argument that we need to target the spread of fundamentalism within Britain's mosques and it needs to be done now before more naive dullards are brainwashed into blowing themselves up for Allah!-The British Muslim community needs to do a lot more in stopping these "Preachers of hate" within their ranks and reporting any suspicious activity to the police.For too long these lunatics have been allowed to flourish within Britain unchecked,they need to be stopped now-Deport the scumbags or lock them up,that's the only way to stop these evil cowards before it's too late!

Chosen man if you think for one second a muslim will grass on a muslim for us infidels who they hate then you my son are deluded. The only way they will be stopped is when the world wakes up to what is happening, and that maybe too late
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