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Sunday, July 15, 2007


British death rate in Iraq higher than US!

Read this Finally it's official-We're accomplishing sweet bugger all in Iraq and our servicemen are still laying down their lives for a lost cause and now at an even higher rate than ever before!!-If Gormless Gordon was any sort of a man he would admit defeat and pull our troops out of Iraq asap before any more are killed or maimed for a "Forlorn hope".Unfortunately our new "Unelected" Prime Minister is showing the same lack of moral fibre that Toadie Blaire demonstrated on a regular basis by his complete indifference to our troops safety by keeping them in the firing line of Iraq for political and not military reasons.Militarily our presence in Iraq is accomplishing absolutely nothing.We have withdrawn from practically all our bases and the main bulk of our troops are now just bullet and bomb "Magnets" at Basrah International airport.They are under attack constantly and are making absolutely no difference at all in the great scheme of things to the deteriorating situation in Iraq.Time to call it quits now and leave before any more British lives are sacrificed on the altar of Tony blaire's and Gordon browne's ego!

Surely the main qualification for a politician is complete lack of back bone. I'm not for National Service but it should be compulsory for politician's children. Might make them (politicians) a little more concerned with looking after us and commiting us when it is right to do so not just becuase it gains them a free cocktail party or retirement plan somewhere.
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