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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Book review: Vulcan 607

Read this Brilliant book-Couldn't put it down!-I had vaguely remembered that the RAF had bombed Stanley airfield during the Falklands War using the Vulcan Bomber but I had no idea what an achievement of logistics it had taken and of the unbelievable bravery of all the pilots,bomber and tanker and of the amazing efforts of the ground crews.If there was any sort of justice in the world this true story deserves to be made into a film rivaling the "Dambusters" and "Reach for the Sky"!-YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!

It's a damn good read. Shows how pitiful the state of the armed forces, (particularly) The RAF were at that time. Rational thought must dictate "what The hell is the state of things now"? My heart goes out to the young lads and Girls ( what in civilizations name are women doing, with guns in their hands) who have been put upon by this mendacious bunch of toe rags who have the audacity to send youngsters out into fire fight situations with the kit they have. God preserve them. Everyone, of them!! Another zobbit, in the clack I see on the news. Again?
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