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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Al Qaeda 'plans new attacks on Britain', warns bin Laden's deputy!

Read this More good news!-What naive idiot decided to give Salman Rushdie a knighthood in the first place?-Talk about lighting the blue touch paper of Islamic lunacy!-Didn't it occur to anyone that it would wind up every Islamic nutter in the world that could pick up an AK and say the word Jihad?-Why did the bearded imbecile even deserve one?-I can think of a lot more deserving people,Simon Weston or Colonel Tim Collins to name but a few!-It seems to me that Knighthoods are handed out for all the wrong reasons,political correctness shouldn't enter into it,it should be service to this country,above all else that qualifies for this honour!

His award is an absolute disgrace, but the ONLY justification that I can see for it is precisely to put two fingers up to the imbecilic world of Islamoloonery.
Some compensation to hear that divine creature is finally giving him the bum's rush.
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