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Friday, June 22, 2007


Another soldier from 4 Rifles killed in Iraq!

"It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of a soldier from 4th Battalion The Rifles in Basra, southern Iraq today, Friday 22 June 2007"

"The soldier died from injuries sustained by a roadside bomb attack in Basra this morning. Next of kin have been informed and they have requested a 24 hour period of grace before any further details are released"

Scipio says-Another tragic loss for the Rifles,two good men in two days!-How many more of our best must die for a lost cause before Blaire or Brown pull us out?

'A Soldier's Prayer' - Help me, O Lord, never to be so afraid as to neglect my duty; to be diligent and honourable in all things; and to show fortitude, cheerfulness and courage in the face of hardships and danger. Be with all whom I love: guide them, protect them, and give them peace in their hearts; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

How many more of these fine young people must we lose, Mr Blair & Mr Brown?
How many more of these fine young people must we lose, Mr Blair & Mr Brown? There is no unaceptable amount of young men & woman New Liebour will murder.
Great blog. But, the truth is, Brits can leave Iraq and Afghanistan any time you want. You are minor players. No loss, only to your pride and honor.

You know what happens to those who turn and run, they get it in the end, (or the bum).
To my best mate, a FINE soldier and an even better friend. Your life was not in vain. You died fighting a war that does not even belong to us for Politicians who know not the meaning of loss or comradeship. They do not even understand the concept of this war or of the hate they themselves are breeding. This is the JIHAD, may good prevail!
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