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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb!

Read this Does this nutter actually listen to the words he's saying before he speaks?-Attack Iran,is he raving mad?-Attack with what exactly?-Both the British and US armies are bogged down in the ongoing pointless ClusterFuck of Iraq and Afghanistan,who exactly is left to attack Iran and with what?-And what about the "Friendly" Islamic states?-I bet they wouldn't stay friendly for very long if the USA mounts a "Blitzkrieg" against their Muslim brothers in Tehran!-Talk about lighting the blue touchpaper of the Middle East!-John Bolton is quite obviously not only delusional but also a complete imbecile!-This sort of warmongering American influenced Bollocks is exactly the type of imperialistic "Gunboat diplomacy" that got us in the appalling mess in the Middle east in the first place!-And he has the bare faced gall to criticise Jack Straw's and more recently Tony Blair's attempts to bring Iran to the negotiation table!-Well call me old fashioned and Mr Picky but I would think that talking is better than killing any time!-What planet is this lunatic from anyway,the planet "Cretinous"?-I think he should return to the mother ship and fuck off back there before his ill-conceived ideas are taken seriously!

"We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb!"

I couldent agree more!
The US definitely could and should level Iran with conventional bombs before the Persians get nukes.
No need for a ground war in either Afghanistan or Iraq.
Get our troops out now!

Speaking about iran and the middle east its worth knowing that the middle east does NOT HAVE TWO THIRDS OF THE WORLDS OIL RESERVES It really only has only third of oil of total world reserves.
Part of the reason being is that is that oil companies did not
Consider Unconventional
oil reserves profitable until now.
So they did not list them as part of the official oil surveys leading
To a Misleading analyses that the middle east has two thirds
world reserves. Nor we running out of oil, The world its self has
a maximum Total of 10 Trillion barrels. All dough occupying iraq
would create a massive oil glut, driving oil down to -$10 barrel.
Check these energy blogs below because they know what
Their are talking about. Just getting this issue of my chest
Hopefully no offence meant just a thought.
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