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Sunday, May 27, 2007


VC hero Gurkha banned from living in Britain 'because he has no strong ties with UK!

Read this

"You have failed to demonstrate that you have strong ties with the UK!"

This comment is below contempt!-Words fail me at the insult given to this brave,LOYAL Gurkha!-Who is the lame brain,idiot immigration official who has had the bare faced gall to utter this inane Bollocks?-Tul Bahadur Pun is one of Britain's greatest war heroes and should be honoured as such.If he wants to live in Britain he should be allowed to IMMEDIATELY move here and jump to the TOP of the housing and benefits list without having to face mountains of red tape and regulations!!-Questions need to be asked in Parliament and his right to live here must be DEMANDED at once!-He has PROVED his loyalty to this country,now it's time for this country to show some loyalty to him!

Please show support by signing the petition Here

Hat tip- Rogue Gunner

This story puts into perspective exactly what a venal bunch we have had and remain at the MOD. Scandalous practise by those twerps Brown & Browne.
the lame brain,idiot immigration official has no strong ties to the real world.I have written to my mp and signed the petition.I would rather have Gurkhas here than bloody kosovans and the rest.
His heroism in Burma in 1944 entitles him to the highest standard of care that this country can give. I am disgusted that some petty jobsworth could think otherwise
Bloody typical of this wanking government! they let in every scumbag freeloader that they can yet when someone deserving of our help they say that they havent demonstrated strong ties! tell you what to do with their strong ties, wrap them around all of the politicians necks and tighten slowly!
We need to the machine gun the scoundrel lawyer with his crap on radio 4 they must think we are bonkers in rip off UK. This guy was a paid mercenary, they killed for the indians and chinese for money as well.
joy!! we won/he won they backed down and let him come.I wrote my mp who sent an automated reply cos he was on his hols then tried to claim some credit wot a tosser.
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