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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Govt stats: Disbelief at the great migrant con!

Read this No Shit Sherlock!-I've finally figured it out!-LIEbour are coaching in 2000 new LIEour voters each week!-I was beginning to wonder who has been voting for these Charlatans,as none of my friends or associates support LIEbour or know anyone who does,now it's obvious why Toadie Blair wanted the inane "Open door policy" in the first place,because if no one in Britain is prepared to vote for him(Apart from a few work shy,malingerers in the North!) He can import votes from abroad by offering free housing,education,health care and free money payed as benefits to any Tom,Dick or Abdul who arrives on our shores,legally or illegally and is guaranteed the votes of their offspring for years to come!-After all no-one is going to bite the hand that feeds them are they?-And the British taxpayer again is the one who has to foot the bill for disgraceful betrayal of democracy!-Here's an idea to restore REAL democracy in Britain-Allow ONLY tax payers the right to vote!-It makes sense!-If you're contributing to the economy then you have the right to say where your money is going and the right to be heard,if you're just sponging off the state,getting free handouts whilst others go to work and earn their living,then why should you have the same rights as them?-If this happened the results at the next general election would be decidedly different!-Also clamp down on welfare payments and council housing,limiting them to the truly needy-People who are disabled and the elderly,and make all the malingerers and work shy leeches who currently have no need or desire to get a job(because all their needs are provided by us taxpayers)do community work,like sweeping the streets,road and rail repair and pay them the minimum wage,which will FORCE them to get a job and NOT be a burden on society!-Also to all the teenage slappers who purposely get pregnant to procure a council flat and benefits for the rest of their ungrateful lives,Have state run child care facilities provided free that frees the mothers to go out to work(This system has worked in the USA,why can't it work here?)If they don't get a job,in say four months,ALL benefits are ceased,the child goes into care and the malingering strumpet is thrown out on her ear from her council house!-I think that'll get results!-The "Welfare State" was never intended to replace work,it needs to be amended so that the truly needy are cared for and the rest have to stand on their own two feet!-I think if this happened we'll see 2000 BUSES of immigrants a week LEAVING our shores and the country as a whole would be a more democratic and the economy would boom!

`work shy,malingerers in the North!)` You cheeky Southern twat they dont call it `Londonistan` for nothing and where are the most BNP councilors in the UK the North not in the fucking sold out to Islam South.
well u twats up north stop voting for fucking labour then cos its only u lot that are keeping them in power !!
We in the North can vote for who the fuck we like the South oF England is a foreign country you cockney wanker.
well you norhtern monkey we know you can vote for who you like but cant you see by you lot voting labour in all the time has let them have a open door policy now the country is swamped by these fuckers north and south !! have you seen bradford lately ??
Before open warfare breaks out between North and South if you read my article I said a "FEW,work shy malingeres in the North" NOT EVERYONE!-It's a recorded FACT that Labour have a bigger following in the North than the South,and more people in the North ARE on the doll!-It's a FACT!-We also have malingerers in London too,quite a lot in fact,and they too need to get a grip! And by the term "North" I mean everywhere above London not just Nothern England,so now that's cleared up I hope we can all get on with the REAL problem in hand of kicking LIEbour out of office and taking our country back again,North and South!
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