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Sunday, April 15, 2007


The super snipers who will target terrorists ... from three-quarters of a mile!

Read this Good bit of kit and about time we got more snipers in our infantry battalions!

Just found your blog via another Brit site.

As a 59 year-old Brit who works in some strange places and with questionable people on NON-military assignments (usually water utilities), I must say that I agree that Britain should withdraw from Iraq (and let the locals sort each other out), BUT reinforce the Afghanistan commitment where I believe the "morality" of being there is more defensible.

I am about to pay my third short-term visit to Kabul (I know nothing of the rest of the country, for obvious reasons), I rely on a cordon sanitaire being provided by ISAF (well, the countries that actually do something, not the French and Germans who guard the airport so they can evacuate THEIR nationals quickly).

One reason I am looking forward to returning is to complete my AK47 course. In the event of civil disturbance (as happened in May last year), most local private security guards will ditch their uniforms and AK47s leaving the likes of me unprotected at the hotel/lodge, hence my quest to find out how to use an AK47, but I hope I never have to pick one up in a crisis!

I'm not sure the sniper course in Brecon will be long enough. If you haven't already seen that video clip on Canadian snipers in action in Afghanistan, drop me an email to (it'll be forwarded to my usual operating email address) and I'll send it to you.


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