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Monday, April 09, 2007


Sister of bomb victim Joanna heading back to Iraq!

Read this Holly Dyer is a true hero.She's just lost her sister in the most tragic circumstances and few of us can comprehend what she must be feeling,yet she is still prepared to go back to Iraq and do her duty for Queen and country as a serving British Army officer.This example of her courage and self sacrifice in what must be a very difficult time for her,speaks volumes to what a remarkable young woman she must be.Her unit should feel justly proud at her example of true leadership,let's hope she's not thrown into the deep end too soon and given time to grieve.My prayers go with her for a safe return to her family.

A true Hero! she didn't play Ping Pong for two weeks in a hotel in Iran and get a prezzie from their PM like others I could meantion!
I'd happily play suckee cockee if got me out of that cesspit country.

Whole Middle East isn't worth such a terrible sacrifice.

My heart breaks for all our servicemen in harm's way.
from one of the french stick that have known Jo. she was such a fantastic girl. will never forget you our Jo from herbert mews
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