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Monday, April 09, 2007


Schoolchildren to be fingerprinted in Big Brother-style shake-up!

Read this George Orwell wouldn't believe this latest load of Bollocks!-Tony Blair obviously sleeps with a copy of "1984" under his pillow and reads it daily to make sure he's following its example to the latter!-What's next?-Fingerprinting at birth?-How about a gps tracker surgically implanted into the fetus while still inside the mothers womb?-Has the world gone mad or have I accidentally slipped through the "Space time continuum" into an "Alternate universe" where Britain is ruled by a lunatic dictator who does what he likes against public opinion and the wishes of his cabinet and all our movements and finances are monitored by cctv and computers,where even our words and thoughts are censured?-Oh,call me Mr forgetful,That IS Britain today!!!-Stop the world I want to get off!-Time to return to the mother ship,for Fuck's sake beam me up Scotty!-I'm off to a better place where the government haven't a clue what you're doing and don't care anyway,anyone know the way to Lichtenstein?

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