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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Protests force U-turn on captives selling stories!

Read thisSpineless,PC Tosspots!-How can anyone trust this inane government when they change their mind more frequently than a woman in a shagging shoe shop!-Whether you agree or disagree with these service personnel profiting from their ordeal is beside the point,(I personally couldn't give a flying Fuck!)the fact that a government minister backtracks and does a U-turn at the drop of a hat,instead of standing behind his decision,just because his decision is unpopular shows what a spineless,attention seeker he really is,and the fact that his decision is backed by the other lunatics in Tony Blair's asylum speaks volumes for the integrity and moral fibre of the whole corrupt,sleazy,small minded little people who infest the cabinet at the moment!

Scipio: Should you be refering candidly,to Mrs Browne's sweet little boy Desmonde. Otherwise known as that ducking little shit of a "lawyer" at the MOD!
God forbid that anyone from the ranks should make a few quid when they're accustomed to getting less than the minimum wage.

Surely, only senior officers should be allowed that privelege!!
You should read what Gen. Rose says in regard to this adventure?
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