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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Immigration has unsettled the country, says minister!

Read this No shit Sherlock!-Why not state the glaringly obvious!-The fact is it was Toadie Blair and his sleazy,incompetent,treasonous joke of a governments fault for causing this problem in the first place by insisting we have the inane and naive "Open door" policy that has allowed every freeloader and criminal scumbag from Europe and Africa to infest our country and bleed us dry with handouts and housing that they're NOT untitled to and are destroying the very fabric of Britain with their foreign beliefs and customs which are against the British way of life and,like a cancer,is slowly killing this country until nothing will remain of the British way of life!

I live in a well-to-do part of London. A little down the road the local council have built some new blocks of affordable housing which, according to the leaflet they pushed through my door, was supposed to be ear-marked for "key workers". However, now that they are complete I see that they are being filled with African and Arab immigrants who, judging by their dress and hours that they are keeping, are in fact on the dole. With dismay I realise that its my taxed income which has provided this rather excellent accommodation for these people who stand outside and spit on the pavement as I walk past on my way to another day's toil; wondering to myself how I'm ever going to afford a home large enough to raise a family in.
Yes this is reality in blairs britain! let millions of freeloaders into your country and then act all surprised when the indiginous population get annoyed!We really must be a bunch of complete wankers to keep putting up with this shit every day! come on people wake up! do you think the french would put up with this bollocks? of course they wouldnt ! they would stand together and bring down the corrupt arseholes in charge!
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