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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Death & dishonour: A soldier dies, a nation hangs its head!

Read this Good point well brought out!-"We have a Government where not a single member has served in the armed forces!"-Well that's because when they were at enlistment age they were all tree hugging,left wing,coward,anti-Army,Commie tosspots who didn't give a flying Fuck about our armed forces and openly attended rallies against them!-The only way "Toadie" Blair and his imbred gang of sleazebags who laughingly call themselves our government could hope to win back any respect or honour at all would be if the whole corrupt,selfish,arrogant lot of them were flown out to Afghanistan or Iraq,made to form an extended line and forced,at gunpoint,to walk across one of the many minefields holding hands!-Then and only then could any of them have the right to hold any authority over our troops!

Yeah put the Red scum would even fuck that up!
that was fucking brilliantly said
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