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Sunday, April 08, 2007


Battle for Basra will grow deadlier with retreat!

Read thisThe only reason that British troops are still in Iraq and risking their lives daily is because Tony Blaire is too spineless to admit that we're accomplishing sweet FA by our continued presence in that Fuck up of a country and his ego won't allow him to admit defeat!-Six more British deaths in as many days,and for what?-Our troops deserve our admiration and respect for their continued professionalism and bravery in the most extreme conditions,I wish I could say the same for our government however the spineless,sleazy charlatans who presently have the gall to sit in office deserve nothing but contempt!-When is this country going to get a proper Prime Minister and Government?-The idiots in the opposition don't exactly encourage confidence either,they're too busy slapping one another on the back and having free lunches at the taxpayers expense and not demanding our troops be pulled out now!-I fear more servicemen will needlessly lose their lives in Iraq before anyone has the guts to stand up fight for them in parliament!

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