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Friday, April 20, 2007


Army faces ten more years of Afghan war, says ex-officer!

Read this

"If we keep up with high-intensity war-fighting and killing the local population, we are on a hiding to nothing and could be there in ten years' time with more than 30,000 dead, which is what the Russians had!"

From the mouth of someone who's been there and knows what he's talking about!-If only Toadie Blair would listen unfortunately Blair's in denial (Or another river in Egypt)about both Iraq and Afghanistan!-For Britain to pull out now will be admitting he was wrong to take us into both bloody countries in the first place and his over inflated ego and arrogance will never allow him to admit that!-It's easier for him to let more of our servicemen get wounded or killed for the "Forlorn hope" that is Iraq and Afghanistan,after all what's HE personally risking?-Sweet Bugger all!-I bet the blood red shoe would be on the other foot if he or any of his imbecilic cabinet had to serve on the front line!

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I just came across your blog today and wanted to say well done mate my older brother also served in the first gulf conflict with many tours of N Ireland with the British army my younger brother is serving in the gulf now but with the Australian Navy the difference being my older brother ended up paralised and this government don't want to know on the other hand my younger brother is married to a lady in the oz navy and they get treated very very well they even won't post them both at the same time as they have 2 labradoors believe it or not the Aussies treat pets as part of family so 1 of them has to be at home to look after them !!! love the blog and agree entirely cheers mate from Andy in London
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