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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Iraq war veteran's mother wins deportation reprieve!

Read thisAppaling treatment!-Let me quote the British Army Covenant-

"Soldiers will be called upon to make personal sacrifices - including the ultimate sacrifice - in the service of the Nation... In return, British soldiers must always be able to expect fair treatment, to be valued and respected as individuals, and that they (AND THEIR FAMILIES) will be sustained and rewarded by commensurate terms and conditions of service"

"...The ethos of the Army is sustained by all soldiers doing their duty with an implacable will to succeed; accepting their grave responsibility and legal right to fight and kill according to their orders and their unlimited liability to give their lives for others; confident that in return the nation will look after them AND THEIR FAMILIES"

What part of "AND THEIR FAMILIES" does the government not understand?-An utter disgrace!-Once again brave men have been obscenely betrayed by an uncaring and unworthy government!-Don't deport Mrs.Joy Bowman,congratulate her for parenting two brave and loyal sons who are willing to fight for their country!

It's a simple problem to resolve. Has the woman got the "right" to live in this country or not? If the answer is in the affirmative, she stays. Otherwise she goes. End of! The progeny question, is smoke & mirrors.
I would like to deport Blair and his cronies to a small Island in the Pacific and then test our new Trident missile system!
i spent 5 yrs with 2 R.E.P which gave me & my wife french citizenship but that does not mean my whole family can go & live there they should fuck her off back home ....
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