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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Gurkhas win right to equal pensions!

Read thisAbout time too!-A great injustice has been righted!-These men from Nepal may be small in stature but are giants of men and have loyally served the crown for generations.You only have to read the many citations of their Victoria Cross awards over the years,some of them receiving it TWICE,to see the bravery and commitment they have made in the defence of this country.It's only right and proper that the Gurkhas are treated equally as the rest of the British Army and it's been a national disgrace that it's taken so long for their loyalty to be rewarded by those in power!

Beware ! full pensions this is labour remember vindictive bastards at best - soon be a disbandment parade.
This is a labour government- vindictive spineless bastards - soon be a disbanment parade !
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