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Monday, March 12, 2007


Four-year-olds will get gay fairytales at school!

Read thisA prince who turns down three princesses before falling in love with one of their brothers and then marries him!-Has the world gone raving mad?-What Politically correct,left wing,European Union "Gay rights Nazi" idiot thought up this gem of total Bollocks?-Teaching PRIMARY SCHOOL kids that homosexuality is part of everyday life,well I can tell you it's definitely NOT part of MY everyday life and I certainly wouldn't want it forced down the throats of impressionable young children!(Excuse the pun!)It may well be acceptable in twenty first century Britain,and I'm sure that kids will learn the grim reality of life soon enough,however I for one don't think it's right for children to have their innocence shattered at that young an age!-Let them think that life's a bed of roses for a while longer.They'll grow up quick enough anyway,why force them to sooner than they must!

Screaming Faggots!They'll be having "Gay sex" lessons next!It makes me want to puke!

Perhaps the staff who teach this load of crap, have to promote their way of life. Where better than in school.
That's sick... God FORBID it ever happens!
How sad and how un Godly. How disgusting. Bring back Mary Whitehouse One day these people will have to answer for corrupting
our kids. Have they no shame?
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