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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Youtube video Nazis!

The Youtube/Google video Nazis have deleted ALL 90 of my combat clips from Iraq and Afghanistan off their site!-Even though NOT ONE had shown anything remotely graphic or gory they still decided to CENSURE them ALL from public view!-I had only posted them in the first place to show the general public the grim realities of what our servicemen are daily facing in both theatres with the hope of generating debate and possibly changing public opinion against our continued presence in both countries!-I am disgusted at Youtube's/Google's blatant attempt at censorship of the realities of Iraq and Afghanistan and can only conclude that pressure must have been applied on them from a higher authority in the governments of both Britain and the United states.I am removing ALL links to Youtube and any Google sites in protest and am very aware that Google also runs Blogger so I can only assume that the axe is about to drop on this site as well!-I am utterly disgusted and appalled that in the so called free west,where free speech and the freedom of the press is prized above everything else and where MILLIONS of people over the years have laid down their lives fighting for those very rights,the Youtube/Google video NAZIS have demonstrated their contempt of those blood stained rights!

The Bastards have deleted all the British Army music videos as well!
Well I guess I will be next for the chop, fuck em!
Apparently Google have also taken action against Devils Kitchen. Seems like concerted action to me, so we're witnessing the result of a policy change.

These guys are really gutless.
Try Glumbert or Liveleak. They're not so picky.
Welcome to the Police State - you thought the Libertarians were exaggerating the degree of the West's political corruption.

Now you know otherwise.

We maybe able to host your site gratis - what kind of traffic are you generating - should be able to spare some space.

Drop me an email -

Did YouTube tell you why they decided to pull your content from the site? I've been writing about YouTube for my college courses and had used your work as an example of someone doing sharing interesting and important content online. I'm very disappointed to hear that YouTube has censored you, and very curious as to what reasons they may have claimed for their action. You can reach me at if you'd like to.

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