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Friday, February 16, 2007


Troops "must strive for the moral high ground"

Read this A good point however the powers that be need to start backing our troops and not look for scapegoats every time something doesn't quite go to plan!-"No plan survives first contact" and nothing that ever happens in Iraq or Afghanistan is black or white.Our servicemen are operating in the most extreme conditions under immense pressure and mistakes can literaly be measured by the time it takes to pull a trigger.It is grossly unfair to try and judge them using civilian law when they are fighting a war and different rules apply.This government has an appalling record of "Backstabbing" our soldiers at every given opportunity with the flimsiest of evidence,you only have to look at the disgracefull treatment of Gulf war hero Colonel Tim Collins,when Whitehall attempted to hang him out to dry on what was eventually found out to be a lie,to see the contempt New Labour has for our servicemen!-This latest betrayal of Colonel Jorge Mendonca DSO,and the troops under his command from the Queen's Lancashire Regiment tipifies the disgusting treatment that has become the norm by the spineless,cowards who currently have the bare faced gall to call themselves our government and quite obviously aren't fit to even lick the soles of their boots!

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