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Friday, February 23, 2007


Revealed: The true extent of Britain's failure in Basra!

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"British soldiers have stayed and died in southern Iraq,and will continue to do so, because Mr Blair finds it too embarrassing to end what has become a symbolic presence and withdraw them!"

Good point,well brought out!-It's now obvious to anyone with half a brain that Tony Blair's announcement on withdrawing British troops from Iraq was done purely to grab a headline and for his own selfish political agenda!-If he really cared one iota for our soldiers lives he would pull them ALL out as soon as humanly possible!-The situation in Iraq has gone way past the point of no return and even his own generals are saying that our continued presence there is just exasperating the problem.I find it actually obscene that the only reason he refuses to bring our boys home immediately is to pamper to his own inflated ego and to completely pull out would be admitting he had failed in Iraq.Well the sad truth is he HAS failed in Iraq.The Prime Minister took Britain to war on a lie and because he didn't posses the moral courage and backbone to say no to George Bush,whose own agenda in both Iraq and Afghanistan can be spelt out in three letters-OIL!-Because of Tony Blair's spineless betrayal of democracy in Britain and single-handedly taking us into an un-winable war,against the advice and support of many in his own government and military,over 130 servicemen have died and THOUSANDS wounded for his folly!-Even after the blatant lies and half truths concerning WMD's were exposed did he not admit he was wrong.The threat of weapons of mass destruction was the main reason Tony Blair gave for invading Iraq,not one "WMD" has been found in almost FOUR years!-The man is weak,he lied,he misled,he committed the worst crime imaginable-The betrayal of our armed forces by committing them to an illegal war for political NOT moral reasons and his continued betrayal and contempt by not pulling them all out immediately.The blood of our dead soldiers are on Blair's hands,the sooner he goes the better for us all-Let's hope Gordon Brown shows more honour and integrity than the charlatan currently masquerading as Prime Minister and demonstrates true leadership by bringing our boys home,however I'm not going to hold my breadth and I fear more body bags will be filled with British soldiers before the nightmare that is Iraq will finally be over for Britain!

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