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Thursday, February 15, 2007


NATO seeks more troops in Afghanistan!

Read this I wouldn't hold my breadth waiting for our so called Nato "Allies" to cough up any more troops for Afghanistan going by their past record!-I'm just surprised anyones even bothering to ask the French at all,I thought they'd already surrendered to the Taliban months ago!-And as for the Germans,they're as about as usefull as tits on fish!-(that's obviuosly when they're not desicrating Taliban graves and using sculls as hood ornaments!-Then there's the Spanish!-Can't seem to remember any recent Spanish military victories in the last TWO centuries so their "No show" in Afghanistan is probably a result as they'll only bugger it up if they were there anyway!-Thank god for the Canadian,Danish and American troops,who along with our own,have been performing miracles with the limited resources available and their countries should feel justly proud at the bravery and profesionalism demonstrated daily by these troops!-Let's hope the rest of Nato get a grip and live up to their end of the partnership that is Nato and start providing troops and equipment so that we can end the fiasco that is Afghanistan and our troops can finaly come home!

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