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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Insurers refuse to pay out to soldier's widow

Read this An utter disgrace!-For AIG to refuse to pay out to Captain Master's widow after first saying it would is not only disgusting behaviour in any one's book but also an insult to the memory of a brave man!-The pressure that our servicemen work under in both Iraq and Afghanistan is immense,and some of the horrors that they see out there are beyond description,many soldiers have returned psychologically damaged and some,like Captain Masters,have been unable to cope and have taken their own lives.These servicemen and women are still victims of the conflict,even though they weren't killed by the enemy in combat instead they suffered in silence,some for years until the war inside them finally killed them.There are hundreds if not thousands of veterans from World war two,the Falklands War,Northern Ireland and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan who returned home with mental scars that will never heal.For years the government denied there was anything wrong with them,but now more and more servicemen are coming forward seeking help and the powers that be cannot deny the problem anymore.Phrases like "Gulf war syndrome" and "Post traumatic stress disorder" have been bandied about in the press without anyone actually saying how widespread the problem actually is.How many more brave and desperate men and women are going to take their own lives before the Ministry of Defense admits there's a problem and are the widows and orphans left behind going to be treated as appallingly as Mrs.Masters and her two children?

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