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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Harry pays to go to war!

Read this Not a surprise!-Every squaddie has to buy various bits of kit because either the equipment issued isn't up to the job or,like in the case of the global positioning system,it's just not issued!-In the case of the kit that Prince Harry has bought,some of it he needs and some he doesn't!-He doesn't need a Para helmet(The issue kevlar is just as good!),the issue long johns are ok(Not that I ever had to wear them during my tour of Iraq,it was too hot!)The issue desert boots worked fine for me too(He didn't need to buy three pairs,I only had one pair which lasted the whole tour!)As for the goggles,they're really down to personal preference,you are issued a pair which are adequate,but many soldiers buy better ones,my own being the American "Wiley x" sold in US Army px stores,which have ballistic protection and interchangeable lenses(About $100 ish!).There was talk of these being put on general issue but I left theatre prior to this happening and have not heard if that has happened.The sleeping bag?-Well you get issued the British Army jungle maggot which is ok when it's hot but total bollocks when the temperature drops at night,most guys do buy their own lightweight "Gonkers",my own choice being the "Merlin" sleeping system.The webbing?-Well again that's down to personal preference too,again the issue webbing is ok,but for vehicle mounted troops and especially commanders who need to Carry more kit,an assault vest or chest webbing is more practical than belt pouches(My personal preference was the assault vest)Both items were introduced in the nineties,several different sorts were tried out and even though they were universally liked,for some reason they were never put on general issue(Probably because they actually worked!)The new body armour,the "Osprey" system,apparently can have pouches attached on the chest,however as it was issued after I left the army,I never got to use it so I can't comment on its practicality(I'd be interested to hear the views of those who have!)The army would say that our soldiers don't need to buy any of their own kit because if they needed it,it would be issued,however this is untrue as anyone whose ever been in the British Army would agree!-In a perfect world our troops would get everything they need however we live in an imperfect world,especialy with our current imbeciles who are in power,and I wouldn't hold my breadth before anything changes!

Hat tip-Rogue Gunner

Now if only our "Royalty" would send their children...

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