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Friday, February 16, 2007


'Friendly fire' may have killed VC paratrooper!

Read this In no way does this take away the fact that Corporal Bryan Budd was killed in action "single-handedly attacking an enemy position allowing his comrades to withdraw to safety"!-The bullet that killed him may well have been from his own comrades covering fire,which is always very close at the last stage of an assault,as every infantryman knows from their own experience,and Corporal Budd's actions were of the highest bravery and demonstrates the professionalism and self sacrificed that is associated with the Parachute Regiment.Let's hope the press recognise these facts and don't try to make something out of nothing just to grab a cheap headline,and leave Corporal Budd's relatives alone so they can mourn his loss with dignity and respect.

Please lets leave this brave man alone as he gave his all for his mates, and every man should repect that. C/sgt Harkess CGC.
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