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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Forget saving Blair’s legacy. Our troops must come first!

Read this

"To die in a military offensive in a war that looks winnable may be a bearable sorrow.What would be insupportable would be to die in a retreat executed in a manner aimed more to save face than to save soldiers’ lives!"

"As it becomes ever clearer that Britain is disengaging from an operation that has not been a political success, more deaths of British Service personnel will seem increasingly to be lives lost in vain!"

"The saddest casualties in war are always the ones closest to the armistice. The Conservative Party should seize this truth and make it its own. "If we’re pulling out, make it swift, decisive and clean," should be the Tories theme!"

Let's hope David Cameron hoists in these facts and acts on them for the sake of our servicemen!

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