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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Families of our war dead betrayed by the government!

It has been brought to my attention by a former British Army colleague that the families of any Service personnel killed in Iraq or Afghanistan have to pay for the Inquest into their loved one's death.This is because the Government will not award the families Legal Aid.This is an utter disgrace and not only an appalling insult to the memory of British service personnel killed in action but must also add to the worry and grief felt by their loved ones in what must be an already dreadful time for them.As a result of this disgusting and obscene practice a petition has been started to No10 to try and get the government to change their minds.They need as many signatures as possible to highlight the cause for change and help the bereaved families.As our war dead have already paid the ultimate price with their lives and are unable to fight back WE need to fight back for them.I have already signed the petition and I urge everyone to sign.Click Link to Help: Link

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