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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Cleared colonel may give up career!

Read this A brave man shamefully betrayed by a political correct,left wing government that has never liked or supported our armed forces and demonstrates at every given opportunity the contempt it has for our servicemen and women who are daily risking their lives fighting for a lie and American imperialism!-I wish Colonel Jorge Mendonca DSO good luck in whatever career he decides upon,and I hope his family can finally put behind them the disgusting treatment he received from the Ministry of Defense and get on with their lives!-He deserves respect for the service he gave for his country and the dignity he showed throughout his appalling "Show trial"!-Let's hope he's the last innocent serviceman to be hung out to dry and made a "Scapegoat" by the blood sucking leeches who currently infest parliament!

You can hardly blame him. Another brilliant officer has his career ruined by our gutless politicians
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