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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Basra tent troops 'sitting targets' warns MP!

Read this At the end of the day Iraq is still a war zone and you can't protect against every danger however with that said,the British Army has had "Secure" accommodation available now for several years!-It's called "Corimex" which was first introduced during the Bosnian and Kosovan campaigns and consists of small,"Flat pack" air transportable portocabins with overhead protection that can also have the added protection of "Hesco" sand-filled blast walls.It doesn't offer total protection,not by a long way,but it's better than a tent I think everyone would agree!During my tour in Iraq in 2004 about a third of the accommodation at Basrah Air Base was corimex and the rest tented.The equipment exists so there's no excuse except that of cost,and there lies the problem as far as the treasury are concerned!-The MoD has tried to fight the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan "On the cheap" and that dog no longer hunts!-The safety of our servicemen should be paramount and no money should be spared when providing protective equipment from body armour,armoured vehicles to secure accommodation!-This present government has an appalling record with regard to providing adequate equipment to our troops.That must change immediately before our armed forces loses all confidence with the powers that be!

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