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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Army vehicle plan "unachievable"!

Rogue Gunner writes-

"Once again another absolute disgrace at this shocking negligence on behalf of our Government. If this was a civilian company that was 10 years behind schedule with a product that cost the share holders Tens of millions then heads would have rolled, but these incompetent imbeciles that work in the MOD continue to under achieve their targets and put lives at risk infact '10-year wait on armoured vehicles cost 30 lives' If Boeing or airbus for example new there was a problem with their passenger planes and spent the next 10 years twiddling their thumbs whilst crashes occurred there would be prison sentences at the end of it all, but its ok to let British soldiers die. I’m sure that these Labour ministers would not accept it if their armoured limos they swan around in had armour made out of wet cardboard, or their bodyguards had dodgy ammo made in Pakistan in their weapons. At the very least this Government is guilty of manslaughter. We require vehicles like the Panther I have posted above.It seems that not only is an armoured vehicle plan `unachievable` so is competant civil servants and MPs in Government.As I have said before if you dont give the soldiers the tools to complete the mission then bring them home"

Scipio-Couldn't agree more!

Read this:

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