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Sunday, January 07, 2007


The spoils of war

Read thisFinally the truth is out-In black and white the real reason for the Iraq war!-Not WMDs,not overthrowing a dictator and bringing democracy to the downtrodden but OIL and money pure and simple!-We knew it all along but George Bush and Tony Blair had to lie to cover the real reason for going into Iraq,the same reason I might add,for the conflict in Afghanistan,which also has large reserves of gas as well as oil!-It's obscene that so many innocent people have died,and are continuing to die,so that the US can STEAL both countries oil and gas reserves,because STEALING is what it is!-The United State's cut is 75% of the profits,that's theft in anyone's books!-And how much of the "Goodies" is Britain going to get,sweet Bugger all by all accounts!

Read also-Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity

Also-The oil rush

Also-Oil,The fast-vanishing drug the world can't yet live without

Also-Iraq poised to end drought for thirsting oil giants

We all know that this government are ALL LYING SCUMBAGS! what i cant beleive is that there are still people supporting them! what the fuck is going on are they all brain dead?
Bazza, I think most people are only concerned with their own welfare. They don't care about Iraqi lives, they don't care about the lives of our troops who have been squandered on this cleptocratic venture. All they care about is their comfort.

Personally I can't believe how revolting a majority of my countrymen (and women) have become over my short life, spoilt, selfish, greedy and weak. A shadow of its former self in influence as well as quality.
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