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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Soldiers to Guard UK Nuclear Power Stations!

Read thisI'm sure our troops will be falling over themselves to volunteer to "Glow" in the dark!?

Before troops are commited I hope the government will liase with the fire brigade militants, ensure the country will be free of all deadly diseases and ensure that the fuel strikes do not happen again! Just who the hell are the government going to be able to get to stag on at these places? The Army is commited to war on two fronts and still being reduced in strength. Maybe their secret plan is to sell all the RN ships and use that manpower to stag on at these sites along with all the out of work nurses!
Maybe the MOD police should do it as at the moment they pretty much do bugger all-lets face it they won't have to guard any naval bases in the future and as most army barracks are derelict they will be out of a job!
Maybe TWO JAGS the fat useless bastard could do it-he does fuck all else!
As there is an existing armed Police Force, The Civil Nuclear Police, already in place at Nuclear Power stations, I would have thought that troops weren't needed to guard them as well...
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