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Monday, January 01, 2007


Service chiefs continue their barrage!

Read this How many more of our servicemen must die before Blair starts to listen?

What the hell is Ex, General Jackson gobbing off for now? When he was in charge he didn't utter a word about the latest defence review which saw another round of mergers and cuts. He was too scared for his pension and gave in to the labour halfwits that pretend to run the country. Good old Gen Dannatt has the bollocks to say something as soon as he got in the job as has the Maj Gen in Iraq. If jacko had bothered to say something during his time then maybe we (The Army) would not be in such a shit state. Its time for a military coup in this once great country, watch out immigrants, watch out ASBO wankers and any other tree hugging halfwit that dares to step in the way-come on Britain lets be GREAT again
yer ur right scotland lost all its regiments and others merged or lost and he stayed quiet now he's got his pension he decides to stick up for us all he was was a blair puppet so fuck you jacko
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