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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran!

Read this Has Israel lost its mind?-Nuke Iran?-That'll go down well with all the other Arab countries!-The whole Middle East would erupt and we'd all be sucked into a bloodbath!-I bet that imbecile in the Whitehouse has a hand in this,it's just the sort of inane Bollocks that George Bush would dream up!-Not a good idea,let's hope that it's just a threat and they're really not that stupid or naive in Tel Aviv or we're all in trouble!


Actually Bush did consider dropping
a nuclear bomb on Iran but was
overruled by the generals, don't
forget that general Mac aucter
also thought dropping one on
north Korean forces during the
Korean war. Imfromation on
the Bush plan to nuke was
printed by Seymour hersh in
"the Newyorker" , I can’t find
the link.
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