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Sunday, January 28, 2007


The quiet courage of Private Tench, the 130th British soldier to die in Iraq

Read this

When you send the boys into battle,
Send them if you must.
But before you make them go there,
Make sure the reasons are just.

If you think there are reasons for going,
And the reasons are worth all the strife,
If you think you can pay for the losses,
Think – it’s not you who will pay with your life.

Think of the wives who become widows.
Think of the Mums who loose sons.
Think of the fatherless children,
Who are left to be raised by their mums.

It’s not you who will sit in you kitchen,
Feeling the loss on your own.
Struggling to think of an answer to,
“Mum, when is Dad coming home”.

It’s not you who will say to your princess,
After the planes taxis in,
‘Your daddy won’t walk off to meet you,
He’s lying inside a coffin’.

Think when you have your state dinner,
Talking of war, sipping wine.
Neither you nor the other state leaders,
Are sat in the firing line.

If the cause is a just one we’ll back you.
With great pride for our country we’ll fight.
But make sure you know what you’re doing,
And think ‘Is it right? Is it right?’

Sam Steele

Another young man loses his life because of the lies and ineptitude of this stinking government! Get our boys home NOW!.Sleep well young lion you will not be forgotten.
and the lovely MOD has stopped taking photos when the bodies come home.

This news gets a 20 second slot on the BBC just before the sport report - the news that it was going to snow this week gets lead story.
sorry, that was Second Lieutenant Jonathan Carlos Bracho-Cooke. It makes my point, when our soldiers die in battle, it's a byline in the news.

It's not just the government that should be ashamed of themselves...
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