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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Promotion freezes as cuts bite in Navy!

Read this This is outrageous!-What idiot thought this one up?At this rate,thanks to this Labour government's penny pinching and mismanagement we won't have a navy left soon!-How they can expect any new potential recruits to want to join after this latest example of incompetence and betrayal is beyond belief!The quotes below say it all:

"People who have worked extremely hard and given their careers to the Navy, have bled for the Navy are now being rewarded like this!"

"It is also a real kick in the teeth for those commanders who will now probably never have the chance to captain a ship."

The government has stabbed our sailors in the back,they deserve so much more than this "Shabby" treatment by politicians who aren't fit enough to lick their japes!

Read also-Fears over £3.6bn plan for new carriers

Also-Sinking morale: the view below decks

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